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Free Item's

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Hey panda's!

We got a couple of free items for you. The first one you should already see when you log in.

Here's how it looks on your panda.

Ok here is how you get item number 2!

. Go to pawthorme forest
. Go were im going...

. Go to the Parlour
. Click were im clicking (Left Candle)

When you click it this message should pop up.

Also you can buy a few things from Mr.Elmhurst at West Market Street.

Thanks for reading
-Pranda Pandanda-Cheats™ Owner.

Henry's Widgets

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Offical Henry Tracker Widget:

Get the "Official Henry Tracker" widget for your blog to track Henry in real time. You will be the first to know when he is online, or when he is scheduled to be online!

Size: 190 x 137

Pandanda Blogger Seal:

The Pandanda blogger image features Henry working hard on his own blog. What better way to show that you are a serious blogger than to have this great image on your own blog?

Size: 171 x 162

Small Blue Pandanda Banner:

This petite glassy blue Pandanda banner should fit nicely on any blog where space is at a premium. It's a great size that fits perfectly in the sidebar of your page.

Size: 190 x 60

Small Magenta Pandanda Banner:

This petite glassy magenta Pandanda banner should fit nicely on any blog where space is at a premium. It's a great size that fits perfectly in the sidebar of your page.

Size: 190 x 60

Large Blue Pandanda Banner:

If you have a little more room or want to add a great image to the top of your page this larger glassy blue Pandanda banner is just right.

Size: 275 x 87

Large Magenta Pandanda Banner:

Perhaps the glassy magenta Pandanda image matches the colors on your blog better than blue? Then this larger magenta banner is the one you'll want.

Size: 275 x 87

Pandas Rule!:

There's no doubt that Pandanda Pandas Rule! If you agree then let others know by putting this great image on your blog!

Size: 275 x 169

Pandas Have More Fun!:

Pandas definitely have more fun! Let others who read your blog know about it by putting this fun image on your blog!

Size: 275 x 169

Pandanda Rocks!:

This great image featuring Henry makes a bold statement and is perfect for the blogger who wants to let their readers know where they stand. Pandanda Rocks!

Size: 275 x 224

Find Me On Pandanda:

Where can people find you? Playing Pandanda of course! Let everyone know that's where you'll be having fun hanging with friends and catching more bunnies than anyone else.

Size: 275 x 224

All of the images on this site including but not limited to the name Pandanda® and the Pandanda® logo remain the sole property and copyright of Sunleaf Studios and may be removed, revoked or changed at any time. Users use these images entirely at their own risk and users may be asked to cease and desist from using images if usage is deemed inappropriate. Please read our Terms Of Use for full details.

To access to get "Henry's widget's" Click Here!

Cheats & Glitches

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Hey Pandas!
Here are some cool glitches and cheats on Pandanda!

1. Changing Furniture Colour Glitch!
- Go to your treehouse
- Click edit mode
- Take out 2 sofas, or 2 bean bags and leave them in the centre of your treehouse
- Move something else in your treehouse, to make the overlaying furniture switch with the underlaying
one, making it look as if it changes colour.
- Click out of exit mode, and walk back and forth through the furniture.

2. Nubbing Glitch!
- Go to a room with a door in it
- Press the tab button on your keyboard
- keep pressing the tab button until a yellow square appears around the door
- If you want to nub behind a panda, hover your mouse over the panda, or if you want to nub below
the chat bar, hover your mouse over the chat bar
- now press enter on your keyboard.

3. Slide Glitch!
- Click where you want to go
- Press the button that corresponds with the activity whilst walking to slide while doing that activity.
Eg. D+Click = Slide whilst dancing.

4. Talking With Newspaper Glitch!
- Open the paper
- Press tab until the yellow square appears around the chat bar (9 times)
- Type what you want to say
- Press enter

5. Day - Night Glitch
- Click on your clock
- Click adjust date/time
- Click time zone
- Change it to the time zone you want, and the time will change with it.

6. Hidden Emotes

There Are 8 Hidden Emotions, As Well As The Ones You Can Select From Chat.

To Use The Hidden Emoticons, Hold Down E Whilst Pressing Numbers 1 – 8 As Follows:

E + 1 –  Grin
E + 2 – Cry

E + 3 – Girl

E + 4 – Boy

E + 5 – Shocked

E + 6 – Sexy, I Think xD

E + 7 – Freeing

E + 8 – SuperHero


Free Item's

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Hey Panda's

Betta has ended and here is your first FREE item.

A Pandanda white launch t-shirt!

Here is your second FREE item.

A betta background!

Here is your thired FREE item.

A betta rug!

And Henry also included some other items which you should already see in your closet.

And also here is how you get your LAST free item:

1. Go to Pawthorme Forest
2. Go down here where im showing you

3. Go into the castle
4. Go where im showing you

A orange launch t-shirt!

Thanks for reading come back for more updates!

-Pranda Pandanda-Cheats™ Owner.

Cedar is Gone!

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As some of you probably, already noticed...
Pandanda have taken away Cedar!

-Beaver Pandanda-Cheats™ Vice Owner

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